Everything you need to know about the Kbis extract!

Business leaders must carefully follow a number of administrative procedures when they decide to set up a company. Once all the formalities have been completed and the company has been registered with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), the entrepreneur will receive a Kbis statement. Upon receipt of this document, his company is officially constituted.

Kbis extract: what is it?

A Kbis extract is an identity document issued to each company registered with the RCS. This document proves the legal existence of the company and contains all the important information about the company. This document is updated each time the company's directors announce significant events in the life of the company (change of registered office, appointment of directors, intervention in the share capital, etc.). The purpose of the extrait kbis is to provide all interested parties with the possibility of taking note of up-to-date and reliable information on companies.

Contents of the kibs extract

Kbis contains all the information that a company must declare to the RCS, including: - Company name ; - Identification number. - Cost of share capital in €; - Main office ; - Date of creation ; - NAF code; - The identity and contact details of the person in charge, including title, first name, surname, date of birth and address. If a collective action (conservation, restructuring or judicial liquidation) has been initiated against the company, the corresponding reference will appear in the Kbis statement.

How to obtain a Kbis extract ?

Anyone can easily obtain a copy of the Kbis signed by the Registry of the Commercial Court of each French company. To obtain a company's Kbis extract, you can request it directly online on the registry's website (if the company's registered office is in Alsace, Moselle or Guyana, no electronic procedure is possible). How much does it cost to request a Kbis extract? Issuing a Kbis statement remains a paying activity, regardless of the method of dispatch chosen. As of 1 January 2020, the costs of extracting the Kbis are set as follows: - On the spot: €2.82, - Postal delivery: €4.08, - Electronic: €3.53. Some sites issue Kbis for personal data free of charge (and resell them), and sometimes offer it with other documents for a fee. In most cases, these sites only send documents containing official Kbi information but are not authenticated. However, Kbis extracts are only valid if they are certified by the clerk of the commercial court.