Health: what are the benefits of sleep on the human being ?

Sleep makes us stronger, more beautiful and happier. Taking care of yourself starts with taking care of your sleep. Indeed, the deeper the sleep, the more restful it is. In this sense, this article proposes to enlighten you on the benefits of sleep.

Sleep helps maintain the brain

Let's remember that the immune system protects our body against infections and diseases. To function properly, it needs sleep. When we sleep, organs, tissues and cells repair and regenerate. check that and you will see that sleep increases the performance of our immune system and, conversely, lack of sleep impairs its effectiveness. As a result, the brain is particularly active during sleep. During this time of rest, the brain takes advantage of this time to memorize and store the information learned during the day. It thus helps to consolidate learning. It also takes advantage of this time to eliminate metabolic waste, the accumulation of which favors the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases. The health of our brain is therefore protected. Thus, a good sleep allows us to remain attentive, motivated, concentrated and facilitates the learning of new information. This makes us more efficient in our active life.

Sleep helps to manage weight

Without a good night's rest, the heart and arteries are under constant strain. Cardiovascular diseases are more likely to occur. Sleep helps regulate our metabolism by reducing the production of ghrelin, the hormone that promotes appetite. This helps regulate blood sugar levels. This reduces the urge to crave sweet foods. Therefore, a good night's sleep helps us to avoid certain diseases related to poor nutrition or overweight. And when we sleep well, we have more energy and motivation to engage in physical activities, which in turn helps with weight management and sleep. Sleep is essential to the proper functioning of our body and mind. We wouldn't spend a third of our lives sleeping if it weren't important. That's why sleep can increase our resistance to fighting certain infections and diseases.