How to create your own outdoor workout?

Fresh air, inspiring surroundings and as much space as you want: what's not to love about an outdoor workout? Not sure where to start with your circuit training or cardio workout? Don't worry, here are some tips for you in this article. Put on your workout clothes, take a big bottle of water with you and get out to the garden or park, it's time to burn some calories.

Why you should exercise outdoors

Since you're spending a lot more time within your own four walls, it's safe to move your workout outside. You can check out this useful content online. Plus, the good thing is that there are many other reasons to do it : 

● You'll feel happier and healthier; 

● Less stress and lower blood pressure; 

● Your motivation will increase; 

● You will burn more calories.

What outdoor workout equipment do you need?

Are you already convinced and looking for the best backyard exercise equipment? Stop looking, exercising outdoors doesn't mean you have to buy all kinds of exercise equipment. Your body weight, a good pair of shoes, plenty of water and sunscreen are all you need. And don't forget that park benches, picnic tables and stairs can serve as exercise tools as well. If after a while your workouts become too easy, there are weights like kettlebells and dumbbells. Get in shape with circuit training Circuit training is great for burning calories. The exercises focus on a combination of cardio and strength training. You train your muscles through short, intense units of activity. By minimizing the amount of rest between exercises, you effectively increase your heart rate and metabolic rate. This means you'll burn more calories in less time and accelerate weight loss. It's perfectly fine to exercise at your own body weight. However, more experienced athletes can also use dumbbells or resistance bands to increase the effectiveness of their workout.